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A fishing app which tracks your catches in real-time.


Finygo has created a platform for fishermen and women to help to track and log your catches in real-time whilst documenting your personal achievements and allowing you to view current fishing trends.

An on boarding process to introduce the app and it’s incredible features

A consistently introduced iconography library helped association with common actions throughout the app

UX design

Through prioritising the Add A Trip journey, we created a set of screens to modernise and minimise clutter on key pages within the app including adding your catches to a live map of complete data sets from other users. Building upon the brand palette we established a working primary colour palette that allowed us to highlight the key call to actions across each step.

A strong first impression; a set of vibrant and informational on-boarding designs to introduce the app


Using flat iconography and precise micro-copy, we created a set of on boarding screens which illustrated the main USPs of the app. The custom and vibrant illustrations for each step demonstrates each feature and injects personality into the app for new users.

A strong first impression; a set of vibrant and informational on-boarding designs to introduce the app
Image: Mobile screens for Uber

Mobile design

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Moken were great to work with. The team understood the requirements and took true ownership of the project adding in valuable advice. I would recommend Moken as their services and delivery was second to none.

Amit Patel - Chief Operations Officer, Skillstream

The Results

Collaborating with Finygo allowed us to understand and apply their business goals to bring the app to life in a brand new lighter and modernised aesthetic. This has allowed users to complete crucial tasks efficiently and helped highlight key USPs to motivate fishers to explore the app further.

Scope of the Project

UI Design
UX Design

Image: Q&A step within chosen topic

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